What IS the ‘Shower of Power’?

The Shower of Power is an exercise which uses a series of simple consciousness elevating statements that, used in a particular order has shown over many years to radically expand and elevate your level of consciousness and inner happiness — in MINUTES! Yes, it does wear off when you do go back to your old thought patterns, and we admit,…... Read More


The Powerful Blue Moon

This is when there are 2 full moons in the same ‘month’! The Full Moon in Aries this weekend on Saturday afternoon at 11.35 AM here in Queensland and 6.35pm tomorrow Friday USA Pacific time brings up issues of your physical energy use, sport activities, enthusiasm, leadership and the right use of your ego in society. This is the second…... Read More


Just Being Close To Ormus Has Positive Effects

An amazing story about our DreamTime© Ormus The ‘Uplift-By-Proximity’ Effect A couple of years ago Cory from Surfers Paradise, a financially struggling business acquaintance, was present during a conversation with a friend about the latest ‘Elixir of Life’ batches, their properties and effects. Cory, who was originally from the ‘Show Me’ state of Missouri USA, scoffed out aloud! “Pure placebo,”…... Read More


7 Highly Effective Stress Busters For Busy People

Have you got stress in your life? Would you find a number of proven protocols valuable for handling stress? Here is a scale of stress handling techniques that always work when applied. If the First one doesn’t work enough you work up to the next level then the next level on until it’s handled! An observation before we start: All…... Read More