Just Being Close To Ormus Has Positive Effects

An amazing story about our DreamTime© Ormus

The ‘Uplift-By-Proximity’ Effect

A couple of years ago Cory from Surfers Paradise, a financially struggling business acquaintance, was present during a conversation with a friend about the latest ‘Elixir of Life’ batches, their properties and effects. Cory, who was originally from the ‘Show Me’ state of Missouri USA, scoffed out aloud! “Pure placebo,” he blurted out. “They just THINK it into effect!”

So I fished a DreamTime© (under pillow) bottle out of my briefcase and handing it to him said: “You won’t believe how much better your life gets when you have this under your pillow for awhile”.

Again he laughed derisively and then said “OK, What do I have to lose? I’ll try it.”

Within ONE WEEK of having it under his pillow, Cory had moved out of a dead-end relationship he had been struggling with for 2 years and within two weeks his financial stress was eased with a windfall deal and commission of nearly $10,000. Cory had been under pressure financially, with high blood pressure and stress adversely affecting his health … so he went to his doctor for a check up. He was amazed to find his Blood Pressure down to below normal levels and resting heart rate lowered from 70 to 54. Not only that, he was NOW beating his friend at tennis who had beaten him for ten matches in a row. And everyone was telling him how GOOD he looked!

He was ‘hooked’! He rang me before we went to a concert asking me to bring a 500ml bottle and then told me his amazing story. Now YOU know too …

Well, this Ormus works … even by proximity! You just need to have it CLOSE to you for its benefits to be felt … some women even wear it in their bra during the day, because they told me that they ‘just feel better’ when they do.

How do I get one?

Well, we don’t sell the DreamTime© bottle. We GIVE it away!

We GIVE it away with ANY ORDER of 2 bottles or more of our 500ml (8 week supply) bottle. We also give a FREE ‘DreamTime© with every 500ml bottle AFTER the first one in the one order that goes to the same address. That means you get TWO DreamTime© bottles free with every 3 x 500ml bottles.

P.S. Keep it away from your mobile phone .. that will weaken the Ormus.