Mother of Abundance (200mls)




The Mother of Abundance Ormus has a specific vibrational programming focus on Richness, Reward, Luxury, ‘Having’, Abundance, Supply, and Blessings .. [ often in the form of ] ‘Money’.

Richness and Abundance occurs on all levels; the inner levels of emotional, mental and spiritual as well as outer resources relating to the physical and material world. These usually lead to MANY other experiences of ‘Having Plenty’ in all areas of life – a contentment with “what is”, and a sense of ‘My cup runneth over’ with pleasure and “More then Enough”.

When we make the Mother of Abundance on the Taurus Full Moon, we ‘invite in’ the Higher Dimensional Beings associated with Spiritual and Material Blessings. We regularly enjoy the company of the lesser known Archangel Barachial, the Archangel of “Blessings”, and also Archangel Zadakiel (St Germain) the Archangel mostly associated with the ‘Violet Flame’ spiritual healer and Fairness, Justice and Equilibrium. Zadakiel/St Germain is considered the Archangel of Alchemy.


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