Space Of Grace Ormus Aura & Space Cleanser




The Ormus Space of Grace instant aura and space cleanser is a vibrational treat to cleanse your space and aura.
In fact anything it touches gets an “Instant Vibrational Uplift”.  i.e.: Yourself, other People, Pets, Furniture, Spaces and Things.

The Space of Grace is made from two of our very popular Ormus varieties.. with NO PRECIPITATED MINERALS to clog the sprayer .. including the most Healing ‘Self Regeneration’ (SR) themed Ormus, and the totally Divine “Destiny of Love” (DL) Ormus that is a 2nd Octave Ormus.
We add a couple of the loveliest of Essential oils – Frankincense from Oman and Lavender from France..

The ‘Space of Grace’ spray CLEARS the VIBRATIONAL SPACE of ANY People, Places or Things .. Instantly! It’s a QUICK FIX for the ‘Shabby Vibration’ left when a ‘Tacky’  low vibe person has been in your home or car ..  a Quick spray of the Space of Grace will have your car, living room etc all vibrationally bright and sparkly again.

Some clients have even sprayed their grumpy boss’s office, (chair and desk) and reported how nice the boss was for the next few days.
The Space of Grace ‘magically’ elevates the mood and feel of any person, place or thing it touches.

If you move into a new home, a room-by-room spraying of a squirt or two on the surface’s (walls, floor, bench tops etc) will TOTALLY CLEANSE all SHABBY ENERGIES ..  They are just GONE!  A CLEAN feeling replaces the old drabby energies.

The SPACE of GRACE is like a Liquid Fairy Dust Spell on whatever it touches!
The SPACE of GRACE is a rare treat (there is nothing equal to it, in my experience) that will be available to you as often as you choose to use it.

The Space of Grace comes in a 250ml bottle.
We usually send out within 24 hours, often same day for overnight delivery in Oz.

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