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Denis of Oz is an alchemist, metaphysician, researcher, social activist and transformational pioneer in alchemical, educational and community spheres. He has practiced meditation for 42 of his 60 years and currently lives and works in Australia.


Twenty five years ago Denis first produced alchemical potions for the upliftment and empowerment of his friends and family.

For the past 11 years, he has been making Ormus in its current form using the classical ‘Wet Method’ for elevating the potential of common minerals in liquid form into powerful, programmable elixirs for the upliftment those who consume it and also those who come into close proximity of it.


Denis Cooneys’ passion emerged as a love of chemistry and history at a very young age and resulted in a lifelong quest for the empowerment of mind-body-spirit through meditation, herbs, supplements, self development courses, qigong (chi gung), and now through the power of alchemical upliftment and transformation.


Ormus captures all of the years of growth of the Ormus maker as a part of it’s individual power for the Ormus user. Who Denis has evolved to, (and who You will also be and greater) becomes a part of the Ormus that we make available for you to enjoy. How? Ormus programmed for Higher Evolution for anyone who has it.