“Thank you for the super fast delivery”

Hi Denis, Thank you for the super fast delivery of the Mother of Abundance Ormus. I took half a teaspoon straight and I’m buzzing from top to toe! Having a long history of Qigong, and working with energy, I can say this is seriously powerful stuff. It’s like suddenly being switched on all at once! I am interested to see where this leads! Not sure what it is supposed to do – but for me the vibrations lasted most of the day – rising to a peak over four hours before fading to a gentle buzz. Mentally I felt more alert – and was able to access deeper levels of creativity in my writing. You mentioned that I have “the latest product of your Ormus evolution” – it has certainly attained a very high level. I am about to take my second dose and go to bed! Thank you again for an amazing product. Namaste.”  

Graham Marburg
Brisbane, Queensland

“I am having insights and impressions – glimpses of other realities”

Since having your Ormus, I am feeling SO happy, so content and really, really relaxed. I am getting regular glimpses of ‘other realities’. I am having insights, and impressions of “All that Is” and feel happy for no reason now. People just want to be close to me and daily, woman are making passes at me. I am getting more invitations to parties now than I have time to attend… and as a 39 year old single guy… well, Life is FANTASTIC! I have been researching this Ormus and White Powder Gold field for years now, and with your Ormus, I have found what I was looking for.

Steve Hobart

“So present, so centered, so on purpose, so connected, so blissful, so focused and so fulfilled”

“Hey Denis of Oz, You are a true Wizard! I started taking your Ormus last August and have had 4 bottles over that time. I must say thank you, thank you, thank you, to you and your Ormus because I have never felt so present, so centered, so on purpose, so connected, so blissful, so focused and so fulfilled than I did with you’re your Ormus! I became a ‘human-being’ rather than just a ‘human-doing’.


“Wonderful uplifting feelings of joy, peace, contentment overcame me”

“Denis, Your Ormus is one of the BEST I have ever had. I have taken it 3 times now. Here is an interesting observation: The first 2 times afterwards I felt the familiar ormus ‘spin’ in my third eye. Wonderful uplifting feelings of joy, peace, contentment overcame me after awhile. Very noticeable!


“Infused with happiness”

“Hi Denis, I am convinced of some amazing properties with your Ormus. The first day I was infused with happiness. I slept with the bottle under my bed and got no sleep except for great light shows. And this was just the first couple of days…”

Cheers Janice

“I feel so peaceful and relaxed”

“Hi Denis, I’m having a great time using your Ormus. I feel so peaceful and relaxed. I need another 500ml please for myself and friends. Oh, at my job I have suddenly found myself being the best sales rep from being the worst before Ormus.”

Steven Hobart

“Feeling a bliss sensation”

“I have been taking Denis of Oz’s Ormus which I have found to have kundalini stimulation properties and 3rd eye awakening effects and I am also feeling a bliss sensation.”

Birmingham UK

“I hear the voice”

“I have gotten comfortable with a level of steady communication with Denis’ ORMUS. It talks to me. I literally hear it now. It took me a couple of weeks to realize what the little voice I was hearing was, but I know now; and I respect it.”

Mickey, Corfu

“Made me feel happy and joyous”

“I received a shipment of ORMUS from Denis in OZ Wednesday afternoon. There were some papers packed with it that said it was the Golden Chalice ORMUS. I didn’t ingest any Wednesday, but just handling the bottle, made me feel like I was in a deep meditative state for a few hours and it also made me feel happy and joyous. I meditate daily and am use to this feeling. Thursday morning, I ingested a teaspoon full when I got up. I had this same feeling all day along with vibrations throughout my entire body and also had a big smile on my face pretty much all day. Thanks Denis!

Tucson Az USA

“Fully grounded in the present, fully aware… feeling eurphoric”

“My first encounter with ormus was at the Ormus seminar conducted by Barry Carter in Melbourne. Denis of OZ had a stall there selling Ormus made by him and free sampling of ormus was available. Not knowing what to expect and rather skeptical, I thought it should be pretty safe to try it in public. I had a spoonful of his ormus. I felt a bit light headed and did not give it a second thought. By the end of the 3 day seminar I had 6 spoonfuls of the ormus, I was definitely feeling rather euphoric. All my problems seem so trivial and far away. Yet I am here, fully grounded in the present, fully aware of the going on around me and feeling very positive and energetic. “Congratulation Denis for crafting such a great product!!!!”

Phil, Chi Gung Master