The Love on Love Soul Mate Ormus Experience

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love, soulmate, love frequency The Resonance of Love Can Create Miracles In Your Heart and your Life

The Heart Wants what the Heart Wants!  Sometimes there is no other way to say it!  Sometimes we long for a travelling companion .. and nothing else will do. Someone to laugh with .. someone to share experiences with, someone to come home to .. someone to evolve with .. in short someone who can reflect, at close range,  the love and appreciation that we feel inside our own hearts.

Love and Appreciation creates miracles.

Love as a Frequency of Consciousness, as a resonant field, (once established solidly inside ourselves), becomes the Gift we give ourselves that keeps on giving. Jesus made reference to this lovely internal state of Love at the Soul level by saying that  “Those who have, shall receive much, and those who have not, even what they have, will be taken away”.

An old saying of “Your Altitude dictates your Attitude” hints to and reminds us that us to maintain vibrationally loving and elevated so we BECOME that very resonant quality that we want to find in our ideal loving partner.  Meaning we HAVE the love inside us to give because we ARE the Love that keeps on giving.

Elevate your Resonance to Love.

The higher you can get your resonant ‘Altitude’, the more love you will experience for yourself and for others. This, it’s easier to attract the kind of companions that excite your Soul.

So back to my mission as a ‘Change Maker’ and Ormus producer:   As an Ormus user, you may already know about the Levels of Consciousness Scale I work with to bring about higher vibrational frequencies in my customers. When you reach the level of Love that calibrates (tests) at 500  on the Consciousness Scale (found in the book Power vs Force) great things begin to happen in your life.

What you might not know is that I use the most inspiring loving soul and heart music  to imbrue the Love Frequency into our Love Themed Ormus varieties of “Ideal Soul Mate”, “Love & Appreciation” and “Destiny of Love”.  We make sure we’re operating at frequency of love by playing music that makes the heart SING! It’s get so high here that guests coming for the next few days are sweetly under the ‘Spell’ of the loving vibration and don’t want to leave once they are here.

All our themed, imprinted, vibrationally rich Ormus varieties are made, at the right Astrological timing, in a big Fused Crystal singing bowl and tuned so we add the frequency of Loving Intent into the Ormus.

This means that whenever our customers have our ‘Love Focused’ Ormus themed varieties, that they are bought up the ‘Scale of Consciousness’ themselves towards where this Magical Frequency of Love resonates happily.

In other words, all of the Loving richness and’ intentioning’ is being imprinted into the Ormus to benefit all who have it,meaning that when you have this Ormus daily, you’ll be getting that Love Frequency and ability to manifest the miracles you want of your inner state of happiness and inner contentment .. and attract that from others of like vibration around you.

Elevate Your Love & ‘Miracle Manifestation’ Frequency with our Love Oriented Ormus Varieties.

To reach my mission of raising the Love Frequency on the planet, I created two different “Love On Love” Ormus Packs for you to enjoy.

1 – Love On Love Bonus Pack 

The ‘Love on Love Pack’ is all about deepening love of self and love within a relationship.

Save $20 + Receive $20 Value in FREE Gifts

Option One: To Experience Greater, Deeper Love Within An Existing Relationship, Or In Relationship With Self

  • 500 ml bottle of ‘Love and Appreciation’ (LA)
  • 500 ml bottle of 2nd Octave ‘Destiny of Love’ (DL)
  • FREE **DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle: ( DT)
  • FREE Dropper to measure the exact dosage that we test is ‘right-for-you’ dosage per day..
  • “Your Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee is on all our Soul and Bonus Packs.”

>>> Raise Your Love & Appreciation Plus Abundance Frequency Here <<<

2 – Love on Love Soul Pack – If you’re wanting a Soul Connected Relationship with another

The Love on Love Soul Pack is the entryway to the Ormus Magical Mystery Tour of ‘Love in the Real World’.

Option Two: To Experience Greater, Deeper Love of Self and the Attracting of  Your ‘Soul Partner’

Save $40 + Receive $60 Value in FREE Gifts  Cost $157 + freight

>>> Raise Your Soul Partner Attraction Beam Here <<<

If we can accelerate the Love Frequency on the planet to where miracles are happen in our lives and the Planet at large… WOW… What a world we will live in.

Written By Denis Cooney

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