The Powerful Blue Moon

This is when there are 2 full moons in the same ‘month’! The Full Moon in Aries this weekend on Saturday afternoon at 11.35 AM here in Queensland and 6.35pm tomorrow Friday USA Pacific time brings up issues of your physical energy use, sport activities, enthusiasm, leadership and the right use of your ego in society.

This is the second Full Moon in Aries in 29 days and is known as a true Blue Moon in the Hindu tradition.

  • On September 23, we experienced a full Moon in the FIRST degree of Aries. (O.5º Aries)
  • This month, a second full Moon takes place in Aries, but in the last degree. (29.5º Aries)

Expect More Energy & Abundance

This is highly unusual! One thing is for sure with this feisty warrior sign — expect to feel fired-up! Your challenge will be to assert yourself in a way that makes you proud. At its best, Aries is courageous and pioneering. You will be able to move mountains if you use the bold energy of this sign and the passion of the full Moon to advance yourself while advocating for others.

ALSO by Co-Incide-ence this month has ANOTHER UNUSUAL QUALITY .. 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays! This is by the Chinese tradition supposed to be good for abundance .. a MANIFESTATIONAL influence! Ormus is ALREADY a great manifester.

SO many people have raved about the ‘Power’ of 2012 .. and astrologically SO MUCH MORE JUICE is apparent astrologically RIGHT NOW is 2010!! So CAPITALISE on the energies of this time!

The Perfect Time To Make Some Ormus

We at Ormus-Alchemy will be RE-EMPOWERING our ARIES Full Moon batch called ‘Self Regeneration‘ … because Aries, (the first astrological sign) is all about the core self and your soul purpose. The popular ‘Self Regeneration‘ batch IS our best selling batch as it is the most potent healer and re-aligner of ‘personality self’ with core self and core purpose of being here in this earthly life.

The BEST ormus you can make for yourself is your own .. remember to ‘program it’ effectively and let NO NONE in on the process of making it who is not 90+% aligned with you and the Ormus intention. The PROGRAMMING of Ormus is a sacred art! Make the Ormus making ‘Space’ a sacred space. Control every influence that your Ormus gets .. down to the neatness and cleanness of the furniture around it when its being made and stored.