What IS the ‘Shower of Power’?


The Shower of Power is an exercise which uses a series of simple consciousness elevating statements that, used in a particular order has shown over many years to radically expand and elevate your level of consciousness and inner happiness — in MINUTES!

Yes, it does wear off when you do go back to your old thought patterns, and we admit, it IS a temporary fix. But scientific research proves that any new habit takes around 30 days in order to create new neuro-connectors in the brain, so YOU might like to opt to uplift your life on a more permanent basis and use these empowering statements daily, just like we do. Click To Download with our kindest wishes.

It Attracts Like A Magnet.

When an Iron Bar is consistently stroked by a magnet, the iron bar becomes a magnet itself. When we associate our mind and attention with High Vibration Words, Ideas or Statements, our own vibration and resonance with higher levels of consciousness jumps instantly. When we do this in the shower, the effect is doubled.

Why Does It Work Better In The Shower?

The SHOWER is your Negative Ion Generator/Mood Uplifter in your home. It gets you into Alpha state of consciousness .. a more creative brain wavelength. This is why some people who NEVER sing, DO SING in the shower.

DO you enjoy your showers too ??? THAT is why! It is the best place to do this exercise.

Denis Devised The Process Himself and Here Is What He Has To Say About It …

“This exercise is the fastest elevator of consciousness and wellbeing I have ever ever experienced in my 37 years as a meditator. (Except for being with an enlightened being .. but you cant take THEM home!)If you dowse or kinesiologically test on your ‘Level of Consciousness’ (LOC) before and after you do this exercise, you will measure a 40-50% jump in your LOC and if you do it a few times in a row, your quality of being will be vastly uplifted and different … better.

The LOC scale in the book “Power Vs Force” sets out the ‘Map of Consciousness” as a guide to the types of experience you will have at the different levels/LOC. Use this exercise to get FASTER to higher states of being and a happier more fulfilled life.

Try it .. measure the effects and do it regularly for a sweet and fast uplift in your inner state of being. Do it a few times in a row for a discernible change in how you feel.